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Calculating Child Support in California

The California Family Court looks at two factors when calculating child support:
  1. 1) Each parent’s income and
  2. 2) The time each parent spends with the children

Additional factors that may impact child support amounts include

  • Child care expenses
  • Home mortgage payments
  • Tax filing status
  • And other expenses that may impact your financial situation.

The formula used in calculating child support is the same in every Californica Family Law case and in every California Family Law Court. All California Family Law Judges follow the same guidelines and your California Family Law Attorney should know how to use them and how to negotiate your specific circumstances to ensure the right amount of support is ordered.  This prevents one spouse receiving too much or receiving too little support – it takes care of the children, which is presumably both parents goal.

Remember CHILD SUPPORT is for your children, not for the parents!

Because the formula used to come to the child support amounts is so complicated, most family law courts depend on a computer program called a Dissomaster™ to calculate monthly child support amounts. All of the information input into the program will be provided by you and your spouse. However, a skilled family law attorney will negotiate certain items with the other party to ensure you receive the proper spousal support and child support each month.

Child support continues until the child is 18 or until 19 if the child is still enrolled in High School.   Contrary to some parents belief, Child Support does not continue if the child goes to college.

If you feel your child support amounts should be re-calculated before this time there The Fox Legal Group can assist with that process.

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